January 3, 2018

The Truth of Faith is Subordinated to the Good of Charity

Selection from Arcana Cœlestia ~ Emanuel Swedenborg
... truth and good cannot but be obscure, and perchance of such a nature as not to be acknowledged; especially with those who put the truths of faith in the first place, and the good of charity in the second; and who consequently think much about doctrinal things, but not about the goods of charity; and think of eternal salvation as being from the former [truths of faith], but not from the latter [goods of charity]. They who think in this manner can in no wise know, still less perceive, that the truth of faith is subordinated to the good of charity.
The things which man thinks, and from which he thinks, affect him.
If he should think from the goods of charity, he would then plainly see that the truths of faith are in the second place and he would then also see the truths themselves as in light; for the good of charity is like a flame that gives light, and thus enlightens each and all things which the man had before supposed to be true; and he would also perceive how falsities had intermingled themselves, and had put on the appearance of being truths.
(from Arcana Cœlestia 4245)