July 12, 2017

Why in the Sense of the Letter, 'God Appears As Three'

Selection from Arcana Coelestia ~ Emanuel Swedenborg
Jehovah the God of heaven is the Lord's Divine Itself; for by "Jehovah," so often named in the Word of the Old Testament, is meant the Lord alone; for all things therein in general and particular treat of Him in the internal sense; and all and each of the rites of the church represented Him; and that the men of the most ancient times, who were of the celestial church, understood by Jehovah no other than the Lord.

In the sense of the letter — the appearance is that another, who is higher, is meant by "Jehovah;" but the sense of the letter is such as to separate what the internal sense unites; and this for the reason that the man who is to be instructed from the sense of the letter cannot have an idea of a one, unless he first has an idea of more than one; for a one with man is formed from many; or what is the same, from successive things is formed that which is simultaneous.

There are many things in the Lord, and all are Jehovah. This is the reason why the sense of the letter makes a distinction, while heaven by no means does so; but acknowledges one God in a simple idea, and no other than the Lord.

(Arcana Coelestia 3035)